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Bernette 334D

Bernina overlocker/ serger.

Circa 1988

Differential feed, 4 thread.

A Juki machine made in Japan for Bernina.

One internal plastic looper gear.

The instruction book that came with this machine can be downloaded as a free PDF from here.

I kept an eye out for this machine as I was curious if it had the plastic parts like the Bernette MO-234. Well, I finally found one locally. I got it cheap as it had a broken spool pin, but otherwise in good working order with instruction book and accessories.

I opened her up and straight away saw the plastic gear. I did some research and found that you can purchase a metal one if you need to, so I guess that is a plus. Still it is disappointing to find that this Bernina machine has once again got plastic workings. So many of the other machines from the 1980s are all metal inside.

I have repaired the spool pin with a wooden one (yes it is a wooden pencil filed and sanded to shape) that works just fine. The plastic gear in this machine is still intact and looks fine, so I won’t need to replace it. However like all things plastic it will become brittle over time.

I wonder if the 334DS has a plastic gear. From what I can see that I discuss on the MO-234 page, it looks like it is all metal….if you know, I would love to hear from you.

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