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Pinnock sewing machines

I have grouped the Pinnock machines into distinct groups, you can find more information on each of these groups if you go to the drop down menu and select the page associated with those machines, or look below at the differences.

Below is a selection of machines to give you an idea of which group you are looking for. These groups are:

Toyota Pinnock

Trendsetter Pinnocks

CFM Pinnocks

LSAF Lithgow Small Arms Factory – Pinnock

Fridor, Dutch

2 thoughts on “Pinnock Sewing Machines”

  1. I have the trendsetter gem. I’ve just finished using it to sew buttonholes for the first time and not too bad for a 1st attempt. Compared to the modern plastic sewing machines at my sewing school my old pinnock is superior I reckon and would not swap it for any of the ones made today. I wish I knew what year she was made, the serial number is partly missing but it starts with the numbers 834. Love the photographs on this site, thankyou

    1. Hi Jill, Great to hear that the buttonhole works well. I must admit I have not tried it on most of the trendsetters. Maybe one day. According to the advertisments of the day the Trendsetters came out in the 1960s, the gem was advertised in 1963. The serial numbers don’t help as there are no records of serial numbers and production dates, as far as I know.
      If you check out Trove you may find more information.

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