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Brother 526


4 thread. Made in Japan.

All metal internal working parts.

I have not tested this machine yet as it came without a power cable, and this is one of the few overlockers that I have found that has a different plug.

I do have the cable to my Brother 523N, (3 thread) which will fit. I just need to grab it out of storage and give it a go.

The machine has been cleaned and ready to test.

The manual for this machine is the same as that for the 523N, which is handy as I already have that copy of that instruction as a free PDF on my google drive here.

Very similar to the 523N, except this one is 4 thread.

Some other similar looking overlockers

2 thoughts on “Brother 526”

  1. Hi I’m looking for a twin needle holder for a brother 526. The thread fir the right side grub screw that holds the needle is stripped. I have tried re threading the hole for the grab screw but hasn’t worked. Any ithet ideas other than replacing the needle holder?.

    1. Hi Dean, I am afraid I cannot help you. I myself and not a sewing machine technician. For this sort of problem, I always take my machine to my own Technician in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I would suggest asking locally to you if someone can help. Good luck.

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