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CFM Pinnock 213 Majestic

CFM Majestic HZ-213BH

The most recent of my CFM Pinnocks. I had actually decided not to get anymore CFMs as they are quite dull to look at, but when I was picking up a Pinnock Trendsetter from a seller they had this one for sale and I am a sucker for a bargain, plus I wanted to see what I could learn. It appears to be aluminum, much lighter than my other machines. Probably the most recent machine of the Pinnocks I own. It has a Craftmatic motor. It came with one cam, pictured below. I have not tried this machine, it is on the end of my list of machines to check out.

The black cam came with this machine. The green cam is a HG Palmer cam that fits the Pinnock CFM 2000 (Dressmaker)