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Dragonfly – FN2-7D

Circa unknown.

A 3 thread, small machine with a 3mm wide stitch.

Chinese machine, all metal except for motor, motor cover and spool holder.

Possibly more common in the Eastern Europe? as the information I can find on this machine is all in non-English languages.

This machine was advertised locally. My research led me to believe it is a Chinese “knock off” of a baby lock. It appears to still be available for sale on Chinese websites, so I have no idea if this machine is vintage or relatively new.

The surprise I got when I collected it, is that it is more metal than even the baby lock. Even the hand wheel is metal. This is a heavy and small machine. Measures only 16cm x 16cm footprint, the main part of the case iron? or alloy? base. Screws hold everything in place, so easy to access all parts. Motor is external and is 240v, so can be used here in Australia. Also, unlike the baby lock, this machine has all metal tension assemblies, like vintage sewing machines.

As I have no manual, I looked online for the model number and found multiple YouTube videos on how to thread a FN2-7D. It is different in many ways to other machines and much more difficult to thread, due to the angles that the thread needs to go through and the tight places.

I was very happy to find that it actually sews, I think it will make a wonderful treadle overlocker due to all of its metal parts. The belt was badly damaged, I have used a temporary belt to test it. The power connection has been placed too high, so the belt rubs as the machine is used…again another good reason the make this a treadle machine, one day when I find the right treadle table.