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Elna Contessa MO-103


Made in Japan by Juki.


3 thread.

A 1980s model it has a few plastic parts in the working mechanism of the machine.

This machine as well as the Elna 5000 computer and the Elna Lotus were found at a local garage sale in May 2023. The previous owner clearly loved her Elnas.

This small but heavy Juki Machine, cleaned up a treat, but had years of fluff and lint to be cleaned out. It even came with an attachable light that I cannot use as it has the wrong pins to go into the Australian standard power point. I have no idea if it ever was plugged in or to what. To me is seems a but impractical as it is placed very low over the bed, but it came with the machine, so it will stay, but not be used. Maybe it was an added extra that could be purchased, or maybe it was attached after market.

Internally the Elna is all metal, but does have a couple of plastic parts in the bottom of the machine. These are not gears, so hopefully will last a bit longer. Still it is disappointing to see plastic in the working parts of this machine. It has no internal oiling wicks, unlike other early Juki models.

The instruction book and thread guide can be downloaded for free as a PDF from my google from from here.

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