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Elna Sewing machines

Below are some of the Vintage Elna machines that are either in my collection or have passed through my hands.

Early Elna machines are quality Swiss made.

The official Elna website has a list of many of their Vintage sewing machines and I have used this as a reference point. Elna – New Zealand – About us


1947, Elna #1, Nicknamed the Grasshopper.


Coming soon



Portable, lightweight.

Stella / Sapphire

1981, Model 49.

My mums machine.

Also known as the Stella.

Portable, light weight.

Electronic Air.

5000 Computer


This one passed through my hands, but no longer in my possession. Too modern and plastic for me.

Overlocker MO-103

3 thread overlocker

Made in Japan

Produced for Elna.

Elna lock – L1


3 thread overlocker.

Made in Japan.

Elna lock -L4


4 thread overlocker.

Made in Japan.

Prefixes on Early Elna serial numbers can indicate the date of manufacture.

12 Dec 1979 – Advertising – Trove (

Australian Women’s Weekly (1933 – 1982), Wednesday 12 December 1979, page 160