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Favta made in Switzerland

Just a bit bigger than a Singer featherweight, you can see a comparison at the bottom of this page.

It comes with cams, so can sew zig zag and patterns.

For a copy of the instruction manual click here.

Also known as Darling, Cresta and Keller Diora. For some pictures of the Cresta version of this machine, scroll to the bottom.

Information on the Keller Diora at a German Website.

The little sewing miracle called “Keller Diora”, which was built in Switzerland in the mid-60s‎‎. It bears the name Keller because the manufacturer of the Keller sewing machines, Apag in Goldach, took over the sewing machine production of the Favta sewing machine factory from Frauenfeld at the beginning of the ‎‎60s. This small sewing machine is also available as a Favta automatic in a different color. Except for the name, it is the same type. The fact that this small machine is an automatic with templates is impressive. It has a high-quality mechanics, everything is made of metal, it works with the CB gripper and requires the flat piston needles of the System 705. The machine is particularly light at 7 kg, except for the sliding table (made of sheet iron), its housing is made of cast aluminium. The mechanics of the machine work perfectly and quietly, only the CB gripper produces an audible sewing noise. The drive is similar to the small Elna 1 by the deep handwheel, but it is driven by a timing belt that has become unusable on many of these machines today. 

Keller – Naehmaschinenverzeichnis

My Favta free arm with cams

I found this little machine listed for sale and decided to see what it was like. Well it was a joy to restore and it is a joy to use and own. Certainly a keeper in my collection.

Compared to my Singer Featherweight, before I cleaned the Favta.

The Cresta version

Not my machine, but I found these interesting photos on the internet of a very similar machine with its cams.

3 thoughts on “Favta”

  1. I learned to sew on this machine and spent many happy years in 4-H with it. When mom passed I ended up with it and just dropped it off with a very good restoration/service fellow who is a neighbor! I am hoping it can be brought back to working order so I can teach my granddaughters to sew. I knew it was special but must admit it took a beating between we 3 sisters. I’m sure dad picked it up for a song in the early 60’s at the local auction in Post Falls Idaho.

  2. I have one of these gorgeous little machines, I’ve had it for probably 35 years and never used it !! It sees beautifully and I am now using it! I collect sewing machines , I have a featherweight an Elna lotus , these are my favourite ones !!

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