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Gaya drawing and painting Ubud Bali

I Nyoman Gaya/Caya painting, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

I Nyoman Gaya ? UBUD Bali. I can’t read the signature and as yet have very little information on this piece.

An ebay purchase late 2022. Measures approx 40cm x 60cm. Black and white, Ink, pen and paint on canvas. It was listed as charcoal on canvas and had a very blurry picture. I took a chance and won the auction.

It arrived and was even more beautiful than I expected. Original frame. I cannot be sure of the age, but surely pre 2000.

In 2024 I discovered online another painting which appeared by the same artist. The images for that drawing/sketch/painting are below.

2024 Another Gaya or Caya?

In January 2024 the below painting was auctioned in the Netherlands. I was described as “Old Indonesian painting. My Caya Padangtegal Ubud. Oil on linen. Dimensions: H 60 x W 40 cm. In good condition.”

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4 thoughts on “Gaya drawing and painting Ubud Bali”

  1. The first three characters are INy for I Nyoman Caya (or Gaya). The I is a personal pronoun. You will often see Balinese signatures prefixed Ny (Nyoman), Wy (Wayan), Md (Made), Gd (Gede), Kt (Ketut), AA (Anak Agung) etc., with or without the pronoun ‘I’. Once you know this the signatures become much easier to read. This piece dates from the 1980’s or 1990’s. The frame is contemporary. The colour scheme is a nod to the monochrome pieces of the 1930’s but the style is distinctly later.

    1. Thankyou Bob for your insight and clarification on the Balinese signatures and names. Putu is another common name, as a close friend of mine in Bali is called Putu, but as yet I have not seen many Putu Paintings. The abovementioned “I Ny” was hard for me to see, so I mistakenly thought it to be an “Wy” hence Wayan, I will rectify that now. It is also good to have another opinion of the date of this painting, as I would agree that it is probably from the later part of the 1900s. Cheers Patricia

      1. Hola Patricia , tengo uno similar pero de los años 30. Me podrías aconsejar donde venderlo? No encuentro de ninguna manera especialistas en este tipo de arte en España….mil gracias

        1. Hello Patricia, I have a similar one but from the 1930s. Could you advise me where to sell it? I can’t find specialists in this type of art in Spain in any way… thank you very much.

          Hello Shakira, I am afraid I cannot help you. I would suggest contacting an art dealer in your area.

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