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NI Rinek

I acquired two paintings at my local auction house in July 2023. The photos for the auction were very fuzzy, so I decided to take a chance and bid. The blue one was described as Balinese but was very hard to see in the photos. Both are signed, they came in a group of two, so I had to take both or none. Again, I was the only bidder. I did not know at the time that the “fish” painting was Balinese, I only found this out later when I researched the signature “I GP Sadri”. Both are paint on board. to see more of the fish painting please look at my “I Gusti Putu Sadri” page.


Signed “NI Rinek, UBUD” this painting measures 84cm x 66cm and is framed in a flimsy metal frame, probably from the 80s or 90s.

There is a bit of damage to the paint and it really needs to be put in a better frame. Board is a masonite type board, no backing.

Unknown artist and again a piece of tourist art, but once again a lot of work has gone into this painting.

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