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I Made Tubuh Batuan Bali

I Made Tubuh painting, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

6 small paintings aquired in one auction lot in Melbourne, Australia, September 2023.

All are framed beautifully, behind glass and one is clearly painted by “I Made Tubuh”. I have not removed any from their frames to look for any the signatures.

I am happy that they are gorgeous little paintings and complement the rest of my collection really well.

I Made Tubuh, (1941-)

Batuan, Bali


These two pictures arrived with the same style of frame as the above painting, so I suspect framed at the same time.

I suspect these two drawings are more modern, as on my visits to Bali in 2018, 2022 etc. I saw similar paintings being sold at market stalls. These modern drawings being mostly ink drawings on card and framed in small wooden carved frames. The exact date of these I will never know. Suffice to say prior to 2023.

Finally, this one is a little larger, approx 30cm x 25cm and appears to be done in a type of crayon or chalk.

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