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I Nyoman Dewa Batuan Bali painting.

Nyoman Dewa/Dana, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Found in June 2023 on Facebook Marketplace. Measures 52cm x 26cm. It sat unsold for many weeks, until the price came down to practically nothing, so I decided to rescue it. Signed on bottom left, I Nyoman Dewa or Dana? Batuan, Bali. Even though the Dewa is hard to read and the Bali has been cut off.

This poor old thing has seen better days.

Appears to be cloth glued down onto board.

It must have been stored in the elements for some time or in the shed. The back is water stained, but it appears this has not come through to the front. The paper backing as you can see from the images below was damaged beyond repair, but it does tell me this painting was framed in Melbourne prior to 1996, when they changed the phone number codes here. Half of the tacks holding it to the frame have rusted out. When i tool it out of the frame, I could see the Batuan part of the signature. Dead bugs and dust also fell out. There has been a hole drilled in the top under the edge of the frame, I guess to hang it? Another hole further down for no apparent reason. Nothing striking, but a nice little Batuan painting probably from the 1990s or 1980s (could be earlier) tourist market.

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