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Free pdf manuals

Below are the front covers of the Pinnock manuals I have found to date. This website started out as a Pinnock showcase of my collection. It has grown into more than that and I have various machines and various manuals and instruction books. If I have the machine and the manual, then the link to that manual will be on the page for that machine.

If you want to look at all the free manuals that I have, then I suggest you look in my google drive. The drive is found here, feel free to download a copy for your own use

If you are looking for a free manual on another machine, then I suggest you join the Facebook group Vintage Sewing Machines (Non-Singer) | Facebook There you will find a devoted group of people who have uploaded many manuals, free for all to download and use.

I advocate for people to have free access to the Instruction manual for their own machines. On my google drive I share these files freely. The drive is found here, feel free to download a copy for your own use. The manuals are not for on selling, but I have no control over that. I just hope that if you own the machine and need a manual for free, you have found your way here.

If you have a Pinnock instruction manual and are happy to share it, feel free to send me the PDF and I will upload it. I am in particular interested in Pinnock Trendsetter manuals, as I have only been able to source a couple of them.

Pinnock Manuals

Fridor Stitchmaster

Fridor Stitchmaster .pdf

Technically a Dutch machine, but released by Pinnock.


Pinnock Sewmatic Manual (1) .pdf

Warning this is a large file


Whilst technically not the sewbest, it is the closest I have found so far.

Pinnock Sewbest manual

Trendsetter Star

Not the same as the Australian Trendsetter Star, I suspect this is the English version of machine. The trendsetter Royal manual below might be a better alternative if looking for the Aussie Trendsetter Star.

Pinnock Trendsetter Star manual.pdf

Pinnock 1 Overlocker

Pinnock 2 Overlocker

Pinnock 3 Overlocker

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