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Ketut Krinting, Ubud Bali

Ketut Krinting painting, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Ketut Krinting 1950 – . Painting, artists, Bali, Ubud.

December 2023 there was a small group lot of Indonesian paintings for sale at the local auction house. Once again no one bid. All the paitings are 35cm x 25cm or smaller. Two in particular caught my eye. So once again I bid without knowing anything about the paintings.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that one appears to be by the Artist Ketut Krinting, it is signed and has the same style of figures and colour palatte as the one I found online attributed to the artist. My painting is only small approx 35cm x 25cm but still beautiful. Beautifully framed in what appears to be a vintage (1970s or 80s) frame.

The second painting appears to be a more modern tourist piece, found in a frame the likes of which are still sold in the Bali markets at the present time.

Other Ketut Krinting paintings

Below is information that I found on another Ketut Krinting painting. Through Mutual Art.

These are the other paintings that came in the auction. I will be rehoming these when I find someone who would enjoy owning them.

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