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N Mandra painting Ubud Bali

N Mandra Peliatan Ubud Bali Indonesia.

Purchased February 2024 from my local auction house. Described as

“A Balinese ink painting on fabric depicting a lady surrounded by mythical creatures. Signed lower center. 63 x 43cm”

The only Nyoman Mandra I know of is a Kamasan painter from Klungkung and this is clearly not by this renowned artist.

Yet the painting is signed. The painting appears to have been painted on this inner frame and then the outer frame added. I would assume this was done in Bali. I have not seen a outer frame painted in this way before, so I have no idea as to what age this painting has. I suspect it is another piece of tourist art from the 1980s to the 2000s

I did fall in love with this painting once it was in my possession, which always seems to happen when at first, I am not taken with a piece.

At first, I did not bid on this auction. It was listed for a measly sum of $60AUD, so I assumed someone else might bid. Alas no one did and it was passed in. As is the process at this auction house, it was relisted in the auction for 2 weeks in the future. I really was not taken by the online images of this artwork but decided that if I could get her for less than $60, then I would try to own this painting.

As suspected, I won her for less than $60 the next time she came up for auction. The center figure has a face unlike any other Balinese painting I have seen; she has a very pointed chin. The creatures seem very Balinese and clearly it is signed Peliatan, Ubud, Bali.

I wish I knew who she was, as I am not overly familiar with the stories and fables of the Balinese. To me she looks like she is holding an egg and is in some underwater location, but there also appears to be a moon of some sort in the upper portion of the painting. So, if you have any insight into who this lovely lady is, then please reach out to me, either comment below, or email me at

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