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Singer VSMs

My collection

When I started this page in 2022 I had no intention of adding Singer sewing machines to the information here. There is a great deal of information to be found on Singer sewing machines. Arguably the most collected VSM machine on the planet. The earlier machines stand out as still beautiful and highly collectible. This part of my website is only to display the rarer machines in my collection. You will find much more information on other websites and social media groups.

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Here you will find a data base that gives manufacturing dates, so you can accurately identify your Singer machine from its serial number.

One word on Singers, in my research I have found that the earlier all metal machines (prior to the 1970s) are wonderful, the later plastic (1970s and later) not so much. Plastic and vinyl gears tend to split and break, when this happens it is very hard to find a replacement part.

Early Singers are very common, as they were made to last and even though I have a few, my collection has veered away from them, unless they are uncommonly pretty or rare. The singers in my collection are neither pristine or overly rare, just machines that took my fancy, were inexpensive and were not to far away. The exception to this is a Featherweight 221. It is the only machine I purchased from overseas. The other exception is a Featherweight 222 which I paid handsomely for. I should have waited as I found another soon after for a fraction of the price. Whilst never released in the US, these 222 free arm machines are much coveted by the American collector and have a loyal following of enthusiasts. Both the 221 and 222 were released here in Australia and as such still pop up on marketplaces from time to time, however due to demand the price of the 222 has skyrocketed.

The Singer 201 which is much coveted for its straight stitch and many will tell you is the best of the best, is hard to find in the States, but here in Australia they are very common. The Singer 99 which is a three quarter the size version, is a pretty little machine, you can usually find plenty of these portable machines for sale at any one time on FB marketplace, Ebay or Gumtree. Just a little larger than a featherweight, these machines should not be overlooked as they can be awesome little machines. So if you are looking for an all metal machine and you are on a budget and only need straight stitch, the smaller machine is a 99. If you don’t mind the hefty weight of a solid machine then you can’t go wrong getting a 15, a 66 or better still a 201, you will have it a lifetime if you look after it and that is why they are still out there in abundance.


Singer New Family 12 (1875)

Singer Improved Family IF15 (1888)

Singer 320k

Free arm version of the 319k


Takes cams for multiple stitch designs.

Singer 222k

Free arm portable


Also known as a featherweight.

Red S

Singer 96K49



Singer 103K

Industrial high speed, rotating hook.


Singer No. 27 VS

Vibrating Shuttle with Pheasant decals.

17 September 1900

Singer Industrial stool

Circa Early to mid 1900s.

Height adjustable, cast iron.

Top may not be original.

3 thoughts on “Singer VSMs”

  1. I was going to post a pic of my well worn Singer 319K , but to my (pleasant) surprise I see you have 320K . Mine came from an op shop – for free as no one was interested in buying it ! It has served me well for over 40 years even though I haven’t exactly been gentle with it .
    I am a retired machine embroiderer and have operated all sorts of manual machines , but mainly an industrial Singer embosser . The Singer 319 would give any of those industrial machines a run for their money .
    Thanks for a terrific website .

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