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Pinnock sewing machines

I have grouped the Pinnock machines into distinct groups, you can find more information on each of these groups if you go to the drop down menu and select the page associated with those machines, or look below at the differences.

Below is a selection of machines to give you an idea of which group you are looking for. These groups are:

Toyota Pinnock

Trendsetter Pinnocks

CFM Pinnocks

LSAF Lithgow Small Arms Factory – Pinnock

Fridor, Dutch

6 thoughts on “Pinnock Sewing Machines”

  1. I have the trendsetter gem. I’ve just finished using it to sew buttonholes for the first time and not too bad for a 1st attempt. Compared to the modern plastic sewing machines at my sewing school my old pinnock is superior I reckon and would not swap it for any of the ones made today. I wish I knew what year she was made, the serial number is partly missing but it starts with the numbers 834. Love the photographs on this site, thankyou

    1. Hi Jill, Great to hear that the buttonhole works well. I must admit I have not tried it on most of the trendsetters. Maybe one day. According to the advertisments of the day the Trendsetters came out in the 1960s, the gem was advertised in 1963. The serial numbers don’t help as there are no records of serial numbers and production dates, as far as I know.
      If you check out Trove you may find more information.

  2. Hi. I’m a bit of a vintage sewing machine collector myself and recently received a Craftmatic by Pinnock. It is more reminisce of machines from the 70s or 80s to me but I’ve been unable to find any information about it and have found no photos of it or anything similar online.
    Just wondering if I could send a photo to you to see if you could give me more insight about it or point me to someone that might?
    I love researching my machines but unfortunately I’ve come up totally blank on this one!
    Thanks in advance!

  3. We have found my husband’s Grandmother’s sewing machine. A
    Black Pinnock (made in Germany) with the lion decals etc. The needle plate says no705 and there is a plate underneath that says 3 301 713.
    We are trying to see why it’s not working.
    The power works
    The light works
    The motor is working
    When tension is released on the small wheel behind main wheel, the belt runs but needle doesn’t and feet under the needle don’t.
    She’s a beautiful piece of work and I’d love to restore her to full glory.
    Would love to send photos so you can help. We also have no idea how old and even if we just get some history is be good.
    Hope you can help🤞

    1. Hi Joanne, Pinnock imported many machines and rebranded them, without a photo I am afraid I cannot help i.d the machine. From the sounds of the problem, it could be a simple fix of tightening the clutch knob on the end of the handwheel or it could be a very complicated fix of a seized machine. I would suggest you join one of the Facebook groups, such as Vintage Sewing Machines Australia and New Zealand. There are plenty of knowledgeable sewing machine techs there and you will be able to upload photos of the machine and your issues with it. Hope this helps, Cheers Patricia

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