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Gritzner VZ

Zig Zag, 1955

I have come across two Gritzner VZ machines. Both still functional, but with signs of wear and tear but still have beautiful stitches. Slight differences between them. I suspect both 1955 machines.

The machine on the left is I suspect the older machine as it has an earlier number. It has a Gritzner motor, built in light, very solid base, which I suspect is made in Europe, the Gritzner decal on the front has been rubbed off, but it still has the Ward brothers Australian importers marking above the bed.

The machine on the right has an after market Wernard motor with attached light. The base and green lid appear to be the same as many other machine bases I have found here, so I suspect they are Australian made. The same Ward Brothers importers mark.

The earlier Gritzner. #612227

The later Gritzner. #688260

Side by side.

Instruction book in English.

Instructions in German.

Zig Zag Ad

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Monday 31 January 1955, page 1

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