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European VSMs

My collection

I have collected a few other machines as well as my beloved Pinnocks and restored them, the only thing they have in common is I was drawn to them when I found them listed for sale and they were not expensive machines. These are the European and US, machines. Some imported by companies to sell and market here in Australia. Others brought over by immigrants. Some lovely European machines can be found in Australia.

With immigration at its height in Australia post WW11 and in the 1950’s, some machines were brought over from Europe, others marketed here to the new multicultural citizens of Australia. There was a huge influx of German and Italian migrants as well as others and the machines I tend to find are described as…. “this belonged to mum or grandma” …she came to Australia after the war. My own parents being amongst this influx from Germany. The mid-century (and earlier) all metal machines are all so different and wonderful . Some have turned out to be real diamonds in the rough, others not so much. Many of these machines I have found fitted with the powerful Wernard Australian made motor and as such all still work today. I have not yet found one burnt out Wernard, so that says a lot.

Below are the more interesting machines in my collection. Some are common, some not so much, some sought after and some just neglected. Even one or two that are in such beautiful condition, that apart from oiling, cleaning and running every now and again, I am loath to use, as I dare not damage them.

Where possible I have tried to locate the manual for the machine, these are uploaded to my google drive account file “Sewing machine manuals” and the link will be on machines page. Please feel free to download for personal use, please do not use these to sell, these manuals should be free for the benefit of all who own one of these works of art.

For more information on European machines, I suggest you check out a German website. Das Verzeichnis – Naehmaschinenverzeichnis

Below are some of my European and USA machines.

Adler Klasse 8

Class 8



Anker Phoenix Gloria

1960s, a rescue machine that has been stored in someone’s shed for many years.

Portable straight stitch.

Aluminum body.

Anker-Phoenix A.G. Bielefeld

Anker Phoenix 388 Duplomatic

Circa 1959/-61

Flatbed version. (Also, can be found as a freearm 388F)

Anker-Phoenix A.G. Bielefeld

Anker RZ

Heavy little machine, with smooth German precision.

This machine has seen little use and is near perfect.

Fitted with a Wernard motor.

circa 1954

Anker RZ deluxe

Anker-Werke A.G. Bielefeld

circa 1956

All metal, except for the belt.

Takes cams for fancy stitches.

Anker RZ-K Multi Automatic

Anker-Werke A.G. Bielefeld

circa late 1950s

All metal, except for the belt. Upgraded version of the RZ deluxe.

Takes cams for fancy stitches and buttonhole cam.

Bernina 117L

Heavy machine, with smooth Swiss precision.

Fitted with a Wernard motor.

Bernina 121

Portable free arm, made in Switzerland.

Straight stitch.

Circa 1957, precursor to the Bernina 125.

Bernina 700

Free arm, made in Switzerland.

Straight stitch and zigzag.

13th June 1964 (purchase date is in the instruction book)

Bernina 730

730 Record.

Free arm, made in Switzerland.

Inbuild fashion stitches.

1967 (purchased 3/3/1968)

Elna Grasshopper

Portable free arm, made in Switzerland.

Elna #1

Nicknamed the Grasshopper.

Elna Lotus

Portable lightweight, made in Switzerland.

Circa 1977.


Elna Sapphire

Portable lightweight, made in Switzerland.

Also known as Stella

Circa 1981.

This is the machine I have used most of my adult life.



Portable free arm, zig zag and cam capability, made in Switzerland.

One of the beauties which was a real surprise.

Gritzner VZ automatic

Gritzner VZ Automatic.

Ward Bros. distributed in Australia in 1956.

Gritzner VZ

Gritzner VZ

Ward Bros. distributed in Australia in 1955.

Scroll to the bottom of the VZ automatic page.


Portable free arm, zig zag, made in Czechoslovakia.

A rescue machine which had been left out in the rain.

Husqvarna Automatica

Also known and sold in other countries as the Viking.

CI 21

Free arm

Work in progress as at March 2023

Husqvarna 2000

Model 6460

Swedish machine, with cams.

Circa 1981, one of my modern machines.

Husqvarna SM14

Portable free arm, made in Switzerland.

Similar, if not identical to the Bernina 125.

Necchi Supernova, my failures

So much I don’t know about the Supernovas

Italian Machine, here I show you my 3 incomplete machines.

Necchi Supernova Ultra Mk 11 Free-arm.

Free arm version, hard to find.

Italian Machine.

New Home

New Home Light Running

Also known as the Montgomery Ward open arm by Portman a free arm model.

A rescue machine which had been left out in the rain.

Pfaff 130 treadle

Straight and Zig Zag. Twin needle capable.



Phoenix 282

A flatbed machine in a treadle table.

Another machine by Phoenix Nähmaschinen AG Baer und Rempel, Bielefeld. 1955 – 56

This Black machine harder to find than the more common Green.


Phoenix 283

A flatbed German machine with cam access at the back.

Fitted with a Wernard motor. Well used by its previous owner, still going strong.

Also came as a free arm machine with wooden extension table.


1950s Portable hand crank.

Made in England,

Not the best reviews on this machine, but it still made its way into my collection as it is very interesting.

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