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Bernina sewing machines

Below are some of the Vintage Bernina machines that are either in my collection or have passed through my hands.

Berninas are quality machines manufactured in Switzerland. They have their own devoted group of collectors and fans, as they are extremely well made.

Bernina 117L

Circa 1954


All metal, zigzag and a few inbuilt patterns.

Bernina 121

Circa 1950s, possibly 1957 as the serial number is


Straight stitch.

Bernina 700

13th June 1964.

Bernina 730


Free arm with inbuilt decorative stitches.

1 thought on “Bernina sewing machines”

  1. Hello, Thank you for your blogsite. I just purchased a second hand Bernette mo-303 today in order to access the blind hemming and roll hemming facility. The information you have presented is very useful. I purchased my original Bernette mo-203 in the early eighties. I have only used it in its original factory settings all this time and have only recently discovered that it can do more than just overlock. It’s sad to find out about the addition of plastic components in newer models, though. I am also an owner of a Necchi Lydia 3 sewing machine, purchased for me, by my parents when I was in high school. It has served me well all these years and except for the nylon cam shaft (a fatal flaw of this model), though slightly cracked, is still serviceable. I have recently found a beautiful Bernina 830 Electronic Record, lightly used and in beautiful condition(1981). I can see why technicians/engineers love it because it’s made for servicing!

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