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Elna lock L-1

Overlocker / Serger

circa 1985, 3 thread.

These machines came as 4 thread also, see my page on Elna lock L-4.

An ebay win. I could see it was damaged, but I thought I would put in the opening bid, low and behold, I won. Another one of those moments when I question my sanity.

I found out that in 1985 it cost $499, so really it was a bargain 🙂

This machine was put into storage, after I cleaned and oiled it. I did not test it out. It probably is a great machine, but has seen better days. The broken plastic really detracts from its appearance.

I do not have the manual for this machine.

25 Aug 1985 – Computerisation may be sewer’s best friend – Trove (

Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995), Tuesday 17 March 1987, page 9

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