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K Subagia Bongkasa paintings

K. Subagia Bongkasa painting, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

November 2023.

Once again at my local auction house I saw 2 paintings advertised, opening bid $60AUD. The description read “Pair of Indonesian paintings in gilt frames. 64 x 89cm”. I knew right away they were Balinese. No signatures were photographed, not any mention of Bali.

I put in the opening bid and a week later I collected them. No one else bid, once again I could not believe my good fortune that no one else saw the beauty in these pieces. Yes, they are by an unknown artist, but they are detailed and beautiful. By the same artist, K Subagia, of whom I have found not reference online. One I will call “Dancers” and the other “Offerings”

Identical in size and frame. Both painted on canvas and then framed in Melbourne, Australia in 2003.

Dancers and the band.

As I also love love textiles from Bali, I love the detail of this painting.

Offerings and Blessings

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