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Wayan Warsa 1945 –

Wayan Warsa painting, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

January 2024, another beauty at the local auction house.

I will attribute this to Wayan Warsa, though I am not 100% sure.

The painting is in a beautiful hardwood frame and measures 67cm x 95cm. The picture framers label on the reverse indicates it was framed prior to the 1990s, as the Melbourne phone number on the label is only 6 digits long and these were lengthened in digits prior to the 1990s.

I have found two other paintings online attributed to Wayan Warsa, one is completely different to this one in style and content. That painting can be found at Mutual art here. The other one is nearly identical and is entitled “The harvest” , which you can link to here and I will add its image below.

My painting is on cloth and this has been attached in some way to a Masonite type board. The paper that was across the back of the painting has long since perished.

This is the other image I found online attributed to Wayan Warsa, entitled “The Harvest”.

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