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Singer 320k

Free arm version of the 319k


serial number EP764454

Removable timber base exposes the metal tubular base that holds the free arm machine.

From my research, I believe that the Singer 320 is the only “all metal free arm machine” capable of a multitude of decorative stitches. Feel free to correct me in this hypothesis.

The free PDF of the manual for the 320k machine can be found here.

The free PDF of the manual for the 319K machine can be found here.

This is an excerpt from ISMACS.

“Instructions for using the Singer 319K automatic swing needle sewing machine (1957 – 108 pages). Before computerisation, embroidery stitches had to be achieved mechanically. This zigzag machine has a set of levers on the top which, in combination with the 30 supplied fashion discs (flat cams), manipulate the byte of the needle to form dozens of decorative stitches. There was a free-arm version (320K) and together they represent probably the last of Singer’s rugged, “all-metal” domestics.”

Singer Sewing Machine Manuals (

This machine belongs to the Singer Swing Needle Sewing Machines group, which consisist of models 206, 306, 319, and 320. These machines take a shorter than usual needle, 206X13 needle system. So if you find one of these machines, make sure you are using the correct needles size or if you want to use standard needles, then research this and get a modified bobbin case or modify it yourself. You can find more information on needles on my VSM Needles page.

I already had a 206, 306 and 319 in my collection. As such I knew what wonderful solid machines they are and I kept my eyes peeled for a 320K, which was much harder to find. Finally in Dec 2022 I found this machine locally. It has its original case and removable wooden base. It has cleaned up well and it works beautifully. The machine came with the original unmodified bobbin case. I already have the shorter needles that this machine takes, so I could test right away.

This series of machines is capable of decorative stitches. To make these stitches you can use the internal cams, which are selected via the piano/typewriter style keys on the top of the machine. More stitch patterns are available if you attach cams to the front of the machine, these cams are simple flat disks and came in a plastic box. I also have the full set of these cams, known as Singer fashion disks. Mine came with my 319k. I now consider my 300 series complete.

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