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Singer No. 27 VS

Vibrating Shuttle with Pheasant decals.

17 September 1900 #N484081

May 2024, it has been many months since I added a new machine to my collection and this one is a beauty. It is also my only Singer 27.

I first saw the Singer pheasant decals on a Singer 15 model a few years back. These are beautiful decals, but not very common. It took me over 2 years of searching to find a machine that had these decals. In the end it was not a 15, but instead it was a Vibrating Shuttle machine. A fellow sewing machine enthusiast was able to collect the machine from Bendigo for me and bring it to Melbourne, thankyou Clare R.

The machine head came in its original table, which has suffered a great deal more than the machine itself. Luckily the machine has been protected by the original coffin lid. The machine has no corrosion and minimal damage to the decals. She turns over smoothly and in time I am sure I will be able to get the table looking beautiful as well. Below are images of the machine as soon as I got it home, all I have done is smothered her in sewing machine oil, and she already sparkles.

As well as the table, coffin lid and machine, the attachment box and 2 booklets came with the machine. The table is damaged and will need 3 new drawer handles, which do turn up from time to time, so I am hopeful to find these in the future.

The booklets that came with the machine, have been scanned by me and uploaded them to my google drive for free download. Just click on the title of the booklet and it will take you directly to the download link. The cover of the booklets can be seen in the first image below, along with the attachment tin.

First booklet is “Instructions, Singer sewing machine, No.27 Vibrating shuttle

Second booklet is for the accessories tin and is “Attachments style No 14, Nos 15, 27 and 28

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