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Gritzner GZ

1950s machine.

This machine is a Non cam version zig zag machine.

Similar to my Gritzner VZ Automatic (cam version)

This machine was also released as a Kenmore, a White and a Pfaff 139 .

May 2024. It has been a while since I added a new machine to my collection. Early on, I seemed to add a new machine once a week, now I am lucky if I find a machine that interests me, once a month. I had just added a Singer Vibrating shuttle 1900 machine a few weeks ago and realised very quickly I should not add anymore treadles to my collection as they take up so much storage space. Then this machine was advertised locally and I just loved the table…. so this happened.

Gritzner machine in treadle table. The table has robust irons and the Gritzner name. The machine was advertised on local Facebook marketplace and the owner had tried to pry open the lid, unfortunately the tabletop has been a little damaged in the process and the front draw has been pulled off. The seller failed to reveal this beautiful machine inside, but I could see that it was indeed a Gritzner.

Usually, I remove a machine from table for transport, but this time it was not possible as we were unable to access the machine. Luckily, I had a key in my possession, so when I got the machine home, I was able to reveal the machine. Fortunately, the machine is in beautiful condition. It is very similar to my Gritzner VZ Automatic, but this one does not have cams. This machine is also known as the Pfaff 139. Unfortunately it came with no instructions or model number on it, but I managed to find the manual in German in one of the forums. I have seen it advertised online as the HZ, but according to the Gritzner – Sewing Machine Directory ( it is a GZ.

Manual in English. I do have the manual for the VZ available for free download from my google drive, in English. If you would like a copy of that please click on this link and it will take you directly to the download of the Gritzner VZ Automatic manual. The two machines are very similar except for the cam function.

The manual for this machine in German is available for free download from my Google drive account, this link will take you directly to the download. Gritzner GZ Manual in German.

Photos of the machine as advertised

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