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Singer Ultralock 14U85

5 Thread Overlocker

Circa early 1990s

Free arm. Differential feed.

Plenty of external plastic, internals all metal.

2, 3, 4 and 5 stitch capability.

This particular machine in poor condition, but overall, the model is a very nice early machine.

The instruction manual for this machine can be downloaded as a pdf for free from here.

I found this machine for the bargain price of $26. For that price the pedal alone was worth the money. It was very rusty, but I was keen to see how it compared to the other early machines. Well, I must say that it cleaned up rather well. I am able to do a nice 2 thread chain stitch on it, but the 3 thread overlock stitch is just not happening. The belt and motor are perfect. There was a lot of filth inside the machine, but it turned over easily. The two original needles were rusted, this machine takes a specific overlocker needle (2054), so I had to order some of those before trying it out. I had to sandpaper off a lot of corrosion from the loopers, so it is possible that these are not quite right, or that that something else is out of whack. If I ever find another one of this model in perfect condition, I will be very tempted to own it as I can see how it would be a versatile machine.

It is capable of many stitches, but the threading and needles changing can be quite difficult and tedious. Still, in its day it must have been revolutionary. I am sure today you could do the same on a modern machine with little adjustment and with easy threading.

Cleaned, oiled, reassembled, tested.

Test stitch, not the best.

The two thread chain stitch went well, but the 3 stitch overlock did not. These two separate sets of stitches are what make the 5 stitch overlock. Below is the best I could get on the 3 thread overlock. I suspect it would take a lot more investigation to find out exactly what is wrong, potentially something that has rusted or is out of place after all these years of neglect.